War Is My Condition

The Brunel Museum, Rotherhithe, London

2 - 5 September 2019

After Monteverdi

Ante Terminum Productions x Brian Clarke

Producer Frederick Waxman

Artistic Director Peter Thickett

Choreographer Kat Collings

Designer Desiree Laidler

Lighting Designer Edward Saunders

Stained Glass Brian Clarke

Ante Terminum Productions teamed up with artist Brian Clarke to bring a new epic of love, loss, and apocalypse to London’s Brunel Museum. Woven from Monteverdi's madrigals, this contemplation on human experience was to be told through the interaction of music, movement, and light, hunkered underground in the extraordinary setting of this silo-like chamber.

In this site-specific production, ATP began by expanding Monteverdi’s original scena with other madrigals by the composer to build a full narrative. This story was to be told via contemporary dance, with dancers playing the two protagonists. Brian Clarke lent the company three of his stained glass screens - Grief, Winter, and Falling Water - to use in the production.

The light assumed the role of defining a space that was, by its original industrial design, a void: the interaction of movement, fabric, shadow, the transluminescence of the glass, and the physicality of the musicians and singers was shaped by the direction and quality of the light.