Pathology Museum, St Bart's Hostpital, Smithfield

1 February 2019

By Stockhausen

Ante Terminum Productions x The Facade Ensemble

Producer Frederick Waxman

Artistic Director Peter Thickett

Lighting Designer Edward Saunders

Scent Harry Sherwood

‘The future is a portal inward, what we find there will be computational and ancient’ - Gray Scott, Futurist

A category-shattering work that falls somewhere in between meditation and necromantic summoning, Stimmung is perhaps Stockhausen’s most iconic work. Performed in the surroundings of Barts Pathology Museum, replete with body parts suspended in that uncanny formaldehyde-drenched space between life and death, our site-specific production will take you on a journey into the psyche through light and scent.